Finest premium kombucha made with love and wisdom in Ibiza.

We offer you this refreshing sparkling-fermented-tea from Umiko kombuchas. Kombucha is sparkling-fermented-tea. The fermentation is what gives kombucha its unique sour taste and often there is a light carbonation

Kombucha is fermented with a combined culture of special bacteria and yeasts that are actually useful for our wellbeing. Consuming those good and living bacteria – also known as probiotics ­– help keep up the bacterial diversity inside ourselves which, in turn, keeps us healthy by crowding out the bad bacteria’s that want to get in and make us sick, or tired, even allergic.

Some parts of the world refer to this drink ‘living-tea’ or ‘tea-of-life’ – not only from the living-physical disk that floats on top of the fermenting tea, but the life that remains in the tea as you drink it.  With good digestion and detoxification comes also a clearer mind, and furthermore energy!

Umiko Kombucha is brewed in special ecological food-grade ceramics containers with a premium organic tea signature mix from south Japan and unrefined cane sugar.

Umiko Kombucha is brewed as well in small quantities in special handmade ceramic pots with the finest japanese organic teas and Matcha.

Try Umiko Kombucha and become more conscious of how alive a well produced, local Kombucha looks like.

The special ecological ceramic bottles have a deposit of 5.50€.